Camsal Bird Keepers Club

Hey there fellow bird lover!

I’m David, and I run the Camsal Bird Keepers Club for the same reason I run our Camsal Aviaries Store – my passion for bird keeping and speaking with other bird enthusiasts.

Your club membership is, and always will be, completely free.

As well as that bird club members get great discounts in our store.

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Once you join we’ll send you a discount code to get 15 percent of products from the bird breeding category!


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About The Club

I know not every bird enthusiast is lucky enough to have a dedicated store nearby, where they can drop in and chat with like minded people.

So if you love birds you’ll love being a club member.

Every month our member newsletter contains birdkeeping stories, articles, tips and tricks from both me and other members (you can submit yours too!)

Of course, to keep running a specialist store, I need the support of valued customers. As a club member, I hope you don’t mind if I send you the occasional special offer?

I want you to know I deeply appreciate every purchase you make from Camsal Aviaries, either online or in-store, and hope to always be able to provide a valuable resource to bird keepers all over Australia.

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