Tropican Hand Feeding Formula


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Tropican Hand-Feeding Formula provides proper daily nutrition for baby parrots up to fledgling, which is a critical age of a parrot’s life.

Super easy to prepare; just add hot water to dry formula and mix. It is easy to clean as it does not stick to feathers.

Did you know that Hand-Feeding Formula for Parrots …

  • Is a micro-ground extruded multigrain and peanut formula
  • Contains no artificial preservatives, colours and flavours
  • Contains “Human Grade” Sunflower kernel and peanut meat
  • Contains optimum levels of protein, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other nutrients required by growing babies
  • Contains multiple sources of protein to generate impeccable feathers
  • Contains optimal, balanced and safe levels of calcium and vitamin D for all psittacine species’ requirements
  • Contains natural omega and fatty acids from flax seeds
  • Provides optimum nutrient density and gut motility
  • Is flavourful and simplifies transition to Tropican High Performance Formula
  • Is fully processed and pasteurized to eliminate bacterial and fungal organisms

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